Setting Up Your Clinic on Social Media

It’s the era of social media, undoubtedly. Things are shifting towards it. Companies are focusing on the social media to grow their businesses. They’re using social media marketing strategies for this purpose. Health industry is trillion dollars industry, to be honest. Therefore, the importance of social media in the development of this industry can’t be denied. Here is why you should use the set up your clinic at social media: 

1. Educating the Public: 

The percentage of the patients visiting the doctor for their general checkup is pretty low in almost all parts of the world. This fact signals the need for education among the general public when it comes to check-ups, seasonal wellness and preventative care. 

But there is good news. It’s that many research studies show that more than 85% people give importance to the opinion of their doctor. Educating the public isn’t just as an expectation: it’s a duty. Healthcare marketer’s actors are therefore tasked with keeping current and prospective patients alike informed year-round about treatments. . 

2. Minimizing The Fear: 

Something as seemingly simple as a check-up can be incredibly daunting on a prospective patient. In fact, white coat syndrome impacts approximately 30% of the public. And so you can imagine the need for practices to display their empathy when it comes to patients dealing with terminal illnesses. Social media represents a great avenue to both show off the measures you take to make patients feel at home in their time of need. 

3. Presenting Yourself As A Staple In The Community: 

The concept of competition in the health sector is a touchy one. Even so, any given community is full of providers and it’s only natural for prospective patients to “shop around.” It only makes sense for healthcare marketers to present their practices as the go-to for their respective communities. From showing off employees in action to local advocacy efforts, social media allows practices to be more transparent and personable to prospective patients. 

What Should You Be Posting At Your Social Media Clinic? 

1. Patients’ Stories: 

Sometimes the best way to highlight your practice is by letting others do the talking. Through user-generated content, you can provide an unfiltered view of what your practice looks like from the eyes of your patients. 

2. Posting the Beautiful “Behind the scenes” Snaps: 

Speaking of practices in action, highlighting the “fun” side of your team by taking followers behind the scenes is always a smart move. This type of content can serve as both wholesome content and the brighter side of working in healthcare.

3. Inspirational Posts: 

Especially in the face of progressive diseases such as cancer, patients and their family members could often use a dose of inspiration and motivation. 

4. Latest Updates: 

The growing phenomenon of self-diagnosis and letting Google serve as a doctor again signals the need for practices to educate the public. Whether it’s the tips for the latest bug going around or touching on health-related news, marketers should strive to keep followers in the loop. 

Advantages Of Social Media

  • Emerging as a leader
  • Helps in building relationships with current and future patients
  • Attracts the future patients
  • It has the potential to create viral buzz for your dental practice
  • Gain both visibility and new patients
  • Better communication to strengthen relationships
  • Creates a brand for your dental practice

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