Get your dental practice to the top of Google

Use targeted advertising campaigns for specific keywords to have an immediate effect on generating quality leads. We build, monitor, optimize and campaign keyword campaigns, a cost-effective method to acquire new patients. 

Drive new patient leads with AdWords

Targeted advertising for keyword-specific campaigns, delivered directly to your key demographic. Get even more exposure by placing your site atop of organic and local results with Google Adwords. 

We analyze the data from each online dental ad campaign, and use what we’ve learned about your target audience for future ad buys.

Use A/B testing

Our Adwords campaigns put your dental practice at the top of Google for the keyword searches that drive new patients. Once leads click an ad, our team tracks phone calls to ensure quality leads are driven to your office. We also use A/B testing on our landing pages to maximise lead generation.

Appear to patients just at the right time

If you are looking to get immediate results with your advertising and have the budget to do so. Google ads are very versatile and can work with almost any budget, simply set a budget limit, and you will never spend more than you planned. Plus, Google Ads gives you the ability to pause or adjust your monthly spend at any time.